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It’s Wedding Wednesday again! I hope you all enjoyed my first Wedding post last week, if you missed it and didn’t get to check it out, head here to read all about our decor! This week I’ll be sharing all about how we chose our wedding parties style. From mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses, as well as how to make your groom stand out from the groomsmen. I’ll be sharing a little bit about everyone’s style in our wedding party. If you have any specific questions about where we got certain items, please feel free to email me and I can let you know. Since our wedding was last October, a lot of the items may be sold out. However, some of the pieces came from places that make items year round! I hope you enjoy this post.

Now let’s move on to our wedding party. This was such a tricky part of wedding planning for us. When I say us I really mean me and my bridesmaids. They were so great with the constant change of ideas. As I mentioned in my first wedding post featured here, it is really important to have a theme/color scheme. So with that being said, I assumed that all of my bridesmaids would wear a variation of a deep, Fall color. I went to multiple stores and spent time pulling dresses, mixing and matching different colors, and really loved what I had chosen. I had selected four different dresses, all of different patterns and colors, and it was beautiful! However, plans change! When it was time for all the girls to come try on dresses, and see how it all looked on, things went great! Everyone but one person had their dress, so we decided to make a trip to Macy’s to see if we could find that last dress. When we did this, we all began to find these beautiful dresses and I was totally obsessed with the look. At this point multiple girls had ordered their dress, so we had to cancel the orders and we started completely over. We built it all off of one dress, and I can honestly say I’m so glad we decided to look at that last place. The dresses we chose were exactly what I had envisioned but couldn’t exactly put together, that is until I saw them in person.

One thing I would say is this, don’t be afraid to experiment. Pull dresses for your bridesmaids that are unique. If you are wanting to mix and match and do something different, it will take a lot more work. But in the end it turns out so beautiful. Another tip I have for mixing and matching dresses is this, pick the one dress that you absolutely HAVE to have in your wedding party, and then pull other dresses that go with that dress. It will take a lot of trial and error, but keep trying on different things and mixing different patterns and textures. For my bridesmaids we ended up completely changing the colors and going with dark greys and building off of that. We incorporated our wedding colors with their shoes and the flowers. The deep red flowers, and pretty pinks really stood out with the dark dresses. A couple more tips for mixing dresses, 1. Make sure everyone is there at the same time so you can see the dresses all side by side. 2. Do not mix and match lengths of dresses, either choose all long or all short, and get your variety from the types of fabric and styles of the dresses. 3. Last but not least do not give your bridesmaids free reign. It’s great to let everyone choose a dress they love, after all they are the ones buying their dress most of the time. However, have criteria for what colors, styles, and patterns they can choose.

bridesmaids style mixed and matched bridesmaids fall flower bouquets bridesmaids dark dresses for fall group wedding photo fall weddings black bridesmaids dresses for wedding

Okay, moving on to the men! Let’s be honest though, the bridesmaids dresses are SO much harder to figure out than the groomsmen’s tuxedos. When we started to plan the suits/tuxedos for the guys, we really wanted to keep it classic. Since we had already decided that the girls would all be in darker colors, we obviously wanted to keep this theme going. However, I really wanted Cameron to be in something different than all of the guys. So, we decided to have all the groomsmen wear a classic black and white tuxedo, we added a little color to their look with fun socks that we gave them as part of their gifts. For Cameron, we decided we needed to do something that would still complement the groomsmen but at the same time stand out. We found an amazing navy tuxedo with black lapels and it turned out so nice. I loved how his tuxedo was navy but still had a small amount of black to match the groomsmen. We added maroon bowties that we also added to the guys gifts, and it really pulled the whole look together. When it comes to choosing a tuxedo or suit for groomsmen, I really suggest doing it this way. We went to a rental store, picked the whole entire suit and set up the orders. All the guys had to do was send in their measurements, pay for their rental, and pick up their tux! It was so simple, because let’s be real for a second, guys are horrible at coordinating and planning. Most of the time! You might be lucky and have a significant other that’s amazing at this kind of thing, but for us this was the way to go! When they were done with the tuxedo all they had to do was return it to the store, it was so simple and I highly recommend it. Also, when doing this you eliminate the possibility of someone getting the wrong shirt or the wrong jacket. Everyone gets the same thing at the same store and it makes life so much easier! We used Al’s Formal Wear in Uptown, Dallas and they were amazing! I will share the groomsmen and grooms style below!

groomsmen style groomsmen mismatched style groom first look groomsmen navy tuxedo best man and groom fall wedding groom shoes for fall wedding fall flowers for wedding grooms wedding style Now I’m going to touch on the remaining members of your wedding party! That could be anyone from grandparents, flower girls, parents, etc. I’m not going to share with you exactly how to coordinate this for your wedding, because every wedding is different and every bride and groom are unique. For us, we knew that the best way to do things for my dad and Cameron’s dad would be the same way as the groomsmen. That was simple and easy for us as well, because both of our dad’s rented tuxedos the same way I mentioned above. For our mom’s dresses it was all about what they wanted! We wanted them to feel comfortable and love what they were wearing. The mother of the bride and the grooms mom typically do not wear the same color, so we let my mom choose from two colors, she chose black, and then Cameron’s mom wore navy. They both made sure that we were happy with what they chose, and included us in this process. However, at the end of the day we wanted them to love what they were wearing. If there’s one tip I could give for choosing mother of the bride dresses it would be this. Do not just look at “mother of the bride” dresses. I don’t think either of our mom’s found their dress in this specific section. Be open to looking at all areas of a store! You never know what you might find. We coordinated our grandmothers dresses with our moms, so black and navy were still the main colors. Again, stick to a color theme when choosing anything for your wedding, it will really make decisions much more cut and dry. Knowing that you can only choose from two colors really narrows it down, but still gives someone an option!

Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a wedding without the adorable flower girl and ring bearer. We had two ring bearers and one flower girl! I knew I wanted our flower girl to be in a white dress and for the dress to be dramatic and flowing! Luckily she loved the dress I chose and was just as obsessed with it as I was. I added some color by ordering her a flower crown (made of fake flowers so she could keep it) and put this with her wedding day gift. It was such a hit and she loved wearing it. She said she felt like a princess and she definitely looked like one. As far as the ring bearers, we kept it simple and stuck with the classic black and white theme! They each had their own job, one held the ring box and one got to hold a sing. Just a tip, if you have more than one ring bearer or flower girl, make sure they both have their own job. It helps to give each of them a task so they feel like they are involved as well! Another tip for having young kids in your wedding- make sure that the parents know to be on the inside of the aisle so the child can find them and sit down. We chose to have our three little minis sit with their parents after their job was done, just to make sure there were no unexpected melt downs at the altar! I mean they are all under six, so we didn’t know how they would react. We had the cutest little trio, and I loved how their style matched ours, but was still perfect for their ages.

flower girl robe flower girl white flowy dress ring bearer sign

Alright friends, that’s it for this weeks Wedding Wednesday! I hope you’re loving this as much as me. I love sharing our special day with you all, and am so glad we have all these photos to share. There will be two more weeks after this post, next week I’ll be sharing all about my style for the wedding, and how to choose things like jewelry and perfume. The last week of Wedding Wednesday will be a post covering all the little things you might not realize go into a wedding. I’ll be talking about favors, signage, a little bit more about decor, wedding party gifts, etc. It will be a variety of small topics to finish off this mini series. As always, if you have any questions or just want to leave a comment, please contact me! I love hearing from you no matter what it is regarding! I have linked many of the items from the photos, but as always feel free to email me with any questions or comments!

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