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Gifts For Your Wedding Party & Guest Favors

I’m back with my last Wedding Wednesday post friends! This post is kind of a hodgepodge of everything I haven’t already touched on. What to buy for your wedding party, how to choose your favors, and little tips on how to buy for those you love. I’ve loved getting to share this series with you all and hope you’ve loved it, or found it helpful in some way! I’ll be sharing our wedding video at the end of this post so be sure to check it out after you read this post!

Let’s start out with how to buy gifts for your wedding party. Some brides and grooms choose to not buy gifts, and some do! It’s all about preference and what works for you. For us, we really wanted to find a way to think all our friends and family with something special. We definitely did not go overboard but we wanted to make sure they all felt appreciated on our big day.

For the bridesmaids and our flower girl we kept it traditional and simple. I was in charge of finding the gifts for my bridesmaids and the rest of the women in our wedding party. I found a shop on Etsy that custom made robes in different flower patterns to accomadate our wedding colors. I added a few small gifts such as coffee cups, nail polishes, personalized cards, and a small gift card for each girl. The robe was the main part of the gift and I added small things to go with it! I would say if you’re ordering from the place I ordere to size down in the robes. They do come with ties, however I would say they run about a size bigger than the label size. For our flower girl I did similar things, however I obviously wanted her gifts to be age appropriate and things she could use after the wedding. I got her an adorable silk robe with lace trim, a flower crown she could wear and play in after the wedding, some fun head bands, and a few games! She loved her gifts because she’s a total girly girl. So having a fake flower crown to play dress up in after our wedding was so fun for her! I’ll link all the exact gifts at the bottom of this post in case you need some specific ideas! Below are a few photos.

bridesmaids matching robes flower girl in flower crown bridal party gifts clawfoot bath tub

Moving on to the men! For the groomsmen we kept it simple and easy. We knew we wanted a fun photo with everyone wearing fun and goofy socks, so I bought all the guys a different pair of dress socks all in the same color hue. We added that, small bottles of Fire Ball, their bow ties, suspenders, and a gift card to Starbucks to their gifts. Like I said, we kept it easy. We didn’t want to over do it but we definitely wanted to get them something. They all loved the socks as well as the mini Fire Ball’s. We only served beer and wine at our wedding so it was something fun for them to all have together while getting ready in the Groom’s suite through out the day. For our ring bearers I went a little overboard and bought them each 5 gifts. I just kept finding things I knew they would love. One of them is 3 and the other is 6, so I just picked things that they both enjoyed. From personalized soccer signs and water bottles to Mr. Potato Head super heroes, they had it all. I would say when buying gifts for people in your wedding party to make it something they enjoy or will use. Don’t just buy something to buy it, put a little thought into it and it will go a long way.

grooms suite at wedding venues wedding party gift idea

Okay let’s talk about buying a wedding day gift for your significant other. This one was really tough for us, and we both spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to get each other. We went back and forth with how much we wanted to spend, what type of gift it should be, etc. I have to say that after a lot of time trying to figure out what to get each other, we both really ended up loving our gifts. Again, I’ll go back to saying this, pick something that your significant other will use, or something that they will want. Picking gifts really isn’t all that hard when we stop to think about things that people enjoy. Sometimes the guys need a little extra nudge and we have to give them exact ideas to work with, and that’s okay. But gift buying for your special day can be so fun! Cameron ended up surprising me with a Tory Burch Tote and I was so surprised and love it to this day! It’s one of my favorite bags, and is the best color. It’s a light pale pink and was such a perfect gift for our wedding day. I got him an Arctic Portable cooler because I was so tired of seeing him carry a broken UT one to the pool every weekend, and I knew he would love having a new one. It was a huge hit and he loves it. I also surprised him with a couple of small things like cologne, some fun pampering items for men, and of course a hand written note! We both wrote each other notes for the day of and I highly suggest doing that. It’s such a special thing to do on your wedding day. Side note- don’t read it after you’ve put your makeup on. Cameron and I both love buying gifts for each other and the people we love, so it was definitely fun for us to do this on the biggest day of our lives. I’ll share some photos below! Tips for buying that special gift for your significant other- 1. don’t over think it. You know what each other likes and dislikes, just make it something special. 2. Start looking and brainstorming with plenty of time in advance. A lot of the time things have to be ordered and you don’t want to be stuck waiting for the gift to come on your wedding day. I ordered Cameron’s cooler 3 months prior to our wedding and I’m so glad I did because it took 2 months to arrive due to backorder, which I wasn’t told when I purchased. So always plan ahead! 3. Don’t stress! Chances are your significant other is going to love whatever you choose because it will be special to them. Put your heart into it and they will see that, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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Time to talk about gifts (or favors) for all your wedding guests. This can be a bit overwhelming and can really start to add up. I struggled to find something unique and affordable for a long time. I went back and forth a ton of times before I decided to stop worrying so much about it. I wanted to do something that was fun, easy, and personalized to our wedding day. So we decided two favors and it was really affordable and SO fun for our guests. Our first favor was a popcorn bar. Cameron and I went and tried about 20 different flavors, narrowed it down to three, and then placed a huge order for our wedding day. We chose a sweet, a salty, and a savory flavor and our guests loved it. There are so many ways you can personalize a popcorn bar. From the way you display it, toppings, signage, etc. We decided to keep it pretty classic and just use copper baskets and gorgeous marbled signs displaying the flavors. The kids at our wedding loved this station, and everyone raved about how fun it was! I bought popcorn bags and had them sitting on the table as well. I was so glad we did this because it allowed our guests to choose what they wanted! Some people don’t eat cake, so for us the popcorn was like an extra dessert table in a way! It was also a great snack after all the dancing everyone did! We added personalized coozies at the bar with our wedding date, our names, and a personalized color. I displayed them at the bar for everyone to see, and had them in a wooden crate for guests to take at the bar. This was so low key, easy to display, yet still personalized to our day. Find what works for you and run with it. Favors don’t always have to be a gift or something extravagant. Have fun with whatever you choose! Here are some photos of how we set up our favors for our guests!

wedding calligraphy wedding bar decor wedding guest favors popcorn signs for weddings popcorn bar at wedding wedding centerpiece for fall

Alright friends, we made it to the end. If you’ve read all my Wedding Wednesday posts, I just want to thank you for following along. Like I mentioned above, it’s so fun to share our wedding with you all and I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini series. I’m excited to figure out what my next series will be about, and share that with you as well! I’ve linked everything that is still available for purchase at the bottom of my post, as well as the link for our wedding video! Excuse my no makeup face in some of the shots, but hey that’s real life right? I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday!

All photography by Leah Golter Photography
Our Wedding Video can be found Here

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